Session organizers

Geometrical aspects of one and several variable, approximation theory

Description: The main theme is the presentation of methods  and results of geometric  theory   of one and several complex variables, the boundary behavior of mappings and semi group methods.

Harmonic and quasiconformal mappings

Description: The goal of session is to bring together an international experts in the theory of complex-valued harmonic and quasiconformal mappings, analytic metrics and applications

Complex dynamical systems, fractals and potential theory
Description: The session covers complex dynamics problems , metrical and dynamical facts of complex analysis, the boundary behavior of holomorphic maps

Boundary Value Problems and Applications

Organizers:  Piotr Drygaś

Description: Functional analytic methods serve to find existence, uniqueness, spectral results for initial and boundary value problems for  differential equations. Complex and functional analytic methods are used to find explicit solutions and solvablity conditions for complex differential equations. Related topics are integral and integro-differential equations. Applications are appearing e.g. in mathematical physics, mathematical biology, economy.

Transcendetal equations and applications

Organizers: Urszula Foryś