Plenary lectures

Plenary lectures

June 25, Monday

10:15 –11:00 T. Iwaniec, The Nitsche conjecture

Chairperson W. Pleśniak

12:00 –12:45 D. Partyka & J. Zając, The Schwarz set of boundary normalized harmonic mappings of the unit disc

Chairperson J. Stankiewicz

14:00 –14:45 R. F. Bonner,  Micro-localisation at infinity and convolution equations  in Beurling classes

Chairperson J. Zając


June 26, Tuesday

9:00 –9:45 Toshiyuki Sugawa, The Schur parameters and their applications

Chairperson – M.Vuorinen

11:30 –12:15 Gabriela Kohr, Loewner theory and univalent mappings in C^n and complex Banach spaces

Chairperson – M.Lanza de Cristoforis

14:00 –14:45 D. Kalaj, A sharp inequality for harmonic diffeomorphisms of the unit disk

Chairperson – P. Liczberski


June 27,  Wednesday

9:00 –9:45 Massimo Lanza de Cristoforis, A functional analytic approach to singular perturbation problems

Chairperson –  A. Pierzchalski

11:30 –12:15 Piotr Liczberski, Bavrin’s type factorization of the Temljakov operator for holomorphic functions in circular domains of C^n

Chairperson – T.Sugawa

14:00 –14:45 Antoni Pierzchalski, Geometry of Laplace type operators

Chairperson – S.Ponnusamy


June 29, Friday   

9:00 –9:45 Mykailo Zarichnyi, Invariant idempotent measures for iterated function systems

Chairperson – J.McDougall